Planning Your 2018 Holidays

Yialos earlier this week.

Looking across to the Kastro and Lemonitissa church 

Symi gold.

Symi has all sorts of interesting shops, including an organic Greek food store and a tinsmith who personally crafts many of the items that he sells.

Fork in the road.  The left hand steps lead to the old kataraktis foot path up to Chorio that runs up the back of the kastro hill that you can see in the previous photograph.  This comes out in the oldest part of Chorio.

A conifer sprouting out of top of a wall at the back of Yialos.

What's that on the wall of St John's church?

A fragment of an old marble sculpture, possibly a stele  incorporated into the structure of St John's church at the back of Yialos.

Another ancient fragment on St John's bell tower.

Free range Fred struts his stuff in Chorio.

It almost rained this morning.

September is one of the loveliest months on Symi.  Not too hot.  Not too crowded.  The children are back in school and the beaches are peaceful.  The season feels as though it is drawing to a close and the ambience is relaxed and laid back.  It is not quite over though.  Next weekend marks the beginning of October and the walkers start to arrive.  Walkers, painters, photographers - they come to enjoy Symi's golden autumn light and the beginning of the island's second 'spring'. April and May, the proper spring, are glorious in their own way, with abundant wild flowers, mild temperatures and the joys of Greek Easter but October has a huge advantage - the sea is warm!  

If you are thinking about a visit to Symi next year but are afraid of Mediterranean heatwaves, consider the end of September and the first 2 weeks of October.  While the excursion boats and water taxis start to wind down in the middle of October, many other amenities such as tavernas, cafes, tourist shops and bars stay open until the Panormitis Festival on 8 November.  Now is also the time to take a look at the ferry schedules as this year's schedules for September and October are still visible on line and provide a useful guide for synchronising flights with ferries.  You can also follow our travel blog.  Andy is already putting up useful flight information for next year as it becomes available.

We are starting to take bookings now for 2018 so why not drop us a line on  Just let us know how many people you are, the ages of any children and any special requirements you might have and we will profile your booking to suit you.  You can always be sure of old-fashioned personal attention when you book through Symi Visitor Accommodation.

Have a great weekend.


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