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Climate change has had a big impact on Symi's trees and many well-established deciduous trees have died in recent years from the stresses of increasingly long hot dry summers with too many days in the 40s and much shorter winters.  This 35 year old almond tree, one of the last left in my garden, is weeping resin all over the bark, an ominous sign.

I never tire of this view.  

Thomas and friends, the bin cats on my corner.  As very few places on Symi have vehicle access, instead of rubbish collections from the houses there are skips at strategic points along the way.  Everyone takes their rubbish to the nearest bins  when they go out and the bins are emptied daily all year round with extra collections in the summer.  At the moment there is no viable recycling system so all rubbish is taken to a lined dump up on the top of the mountain, above Nanou bay.  Not ideal but still more efficient than the refuse collection systems in many other parts of the world.  As long as you remember to take the rubbish out with you when you go, there is no need to have smelly bins in the house and the plagues of insects that are inevitable in a hot climate.

Symi chic.  This bike has featured on my blog before, when it was sporting a Burberry print plastic table cloth.  Now it is wearing a coffee motif.  The original black vinyl upholstery will have long since cracked up and disintegrated in the Mediterranean sun.

Virginia creeper turns this old building at the bottom of the Kali Strata into something mysterious.  Who knows what lurks behind that boarded up balcony?

Another one of my favourite views, this time taken at sunset by Dawn Sproson.
September is drawing to a close but we are still surprisingly busy with new arrivals this week including many walkers.  The weather is still mild with midday temperatures in the high twenties and pleasantly cool evenings.  The long range weather forecast teases us with rumours of rain which always seems to pass us by.  The waterfront bars and cafes have not yet rigged their plastic tents - that will happen later, in October.  It is still warm enough to sit outside in the evenings with a shawl or sweatshirt if there is a breeze.

The ferry schedules have changed as Dodecanese Seaways is no longer operating its Samos service and have simplified their schedule to give the crews a break.  Remember, if Dodecanese Seaways does not suit your itinerary, you can always try Sea Dreams and the Blue Star.

We still have some last minute availability for various houses from 7 October so if you are wanting to enjoy some late Symi sunshine, please email us. We have some great properties at discounted prices.

Have a good week.


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