Angel Wings

It is a bright still day on Symi with low white clouds drifting across a clear blue sky. Visibility has been good for the last few days although it is gradually hazing over. Day time temperatures have been around 20 degrees, warm in the sun and decidedly chilly in the shade. At night it drops to about 10 degrees, with heavy dew which lingers in those places which remain in the shade all day. We have had some amazing moonlit nights and the sky should be clear for the full moon tomorrow night. This idyll is expected to change from Monday night as a new front moves in and we can look forward to windy weather and grey skies again from Tuesday.

The resumption of the Pireaus boat service yesterday after an absence of over a year had surprisingly little impact on the island, possibly because the decision had been announced so late in the day that people had already made other arrangements for transporting goods and vehicles this week. The Marina is sporting new blue livery – but one thing hasn’t changed – she was nearly an hour late arriving in the morning en route to Rhodes and equally late in the evening passing through on her way to Pireaus.

The island is becoming steadily greener and sheep are to be found in unexpected places. The municipality has adopted a more conservative approach to Christmas this year – instead of angel wings and other motifs which tended to swivel round the lamp posts in the winter gales and tie themselves up in knots, this year light tubes have been wound round all the lamp posts, in alternating white and blue. The effect is very pretty and nothing can blow away or break. The clock tower has also undergone something of a transformation as it has light tubes radiating from it in the manner of a Christmas tree, with the clock tower forming the trunk. Of course it is early days yet and the angel wings may yet reappear but so far so good.

Have a warm weekend.


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