Looking quite autumnal.

The rumours of rain grow louder and on Wednesday evening the municipality issued a flood warning over the tannoy, reminding people to move their cars out of the water courses as heavy downpours were expected. As it happened Symi only received a few sprinkles but the fire brigade has been out, pumping out flooded basements in parts of Athens and other areas of Greece have been inundated. Widespread thundershowers are forecast for the whole country over the next few days. Fortunately up to now wind strengths have remained normal and there is nothing to indicate that ferries between Rhodes and Symi will be affected. We are fortunate that being so far south we have a rather longer tourist season – in many areas the season is already winding down.

Although we haven’t had any rain yet the plants are already perking up and new leaves are starting to shoot on the pelargoniums. There is the whiff of optimism in the air. Time for another Pedi valley view! As you can see it is looking quite autumnal.

Have a peaceful weekend.


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