The first scamperings of rain

The first scamperings of rain across the tin roof were heard on Saturday night and on Sunday afternoon the clouds settled in for a serious downpour. We measured 15 mm on our rainwater gauge over 3 hours. Not bad considering that the rainy season isn’t supposed to start for a few weeks yet! The temperature has dropped considerably and at night it is now down to about 15 degrees centigrade. More rain is forecast for the rest of this week, only clearing on Saturday. There have been quite serious floods with landslides and loss of life in other parts of Greece so we have been quite lucky. The town hall continues to remind people not to leave their cars parked in the water courses. The flood of December 1999 when cars floated in the town square and a boat wound up on the roof of the bridge kiosk remains clear in popular memory. (See front page of January 2000 Symi Visitor)

Early rain and mild temperatures are a happy combination and the island is already perking up. The first fine shoots of grass give the earth a greenish cast and the rain has washed the dust from the leaves. Walking home from the art exhibition on Sunday night I was aware of flashlights flickering in the hills as the snail gatherers went hunting.

The goat in the photo was interrupted in mid-browse, nibbling on young olive shoots. The road is full of goat droppings every morning as the flock roams the Pedi valley nightly in search of grazing.

Have a good week.


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