It is going to be a long summer

A languid breeze wallows across the gelatinous sea and the air lies hot and heavy across the harbour. Apart from a small huddle of ice cream eaters under the umbrella by the kiosk there is very little human activity to be seen. The Symi is docked outside our office and a crewmember, shirtless and in sandals, is slopping some varnish on the afterdeck railing, humming happily in the knowledge that it will be completely dry by the time the boat leaves again at 16.15.

The heat came early this year. The rocks are hot to the touch and the leaves have started to fall from the trees. It is going to be a long summer.

The gulets are starting to come in, motoring as there is no wind of any use to sailors. The water boat, low in the water, has slipped alongside the clock tower, laden with the promise of cold showers.

As British actors, Caroline Carver and Kenny Doughty are getting married this afternoon and the Symi Visitor is organising their wedding the office is busier than usual. There are buckets of flowers outside the door, in the kitchen, in the back office - in fact there seem to be flowers everywhere I look. Various glamorous and vaguely familiar looking people have been bustling in and out for several days now and the phones have not stopped ringing. The last guests arrived this morning, many of them visiting Symi for the first time and, judging by the awed comments, probably not the last.

Have a good week.


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