38 degrees

Symi is still roasting under an early heatwave. The highest temperature recorded on Symi this week was 38 degrees. It is going to cool slightly for the weekend, with temperatures rising again from Monday. It is going to be a long hot summer. It is not only the thermometer that is rising on Symi. The hit counter on the home page has passed 1 000 000 hits; it is standing at 1 000 235 as I write this, so there are a lot of people out there thinking of small islands basking in the sun.

The tragic plane crash over Karpathos is still dominating the local news. It has, however, been determined from video footage of the incident examined by the Greek Ministry of Defence that the crash was an accident and that the Turkish pilot was not in any way to blame for the death of his Greek counterpart. Poor consolation to his widow and two young children. These 'dog fights' are a regular occurence and here on Symi, surrounded as we are by Turkey, we have long been accustomed to having war planes screaming overhead. Perhaps now that this particular tail tweaking exercise has ended in tragedy those responsible will recognise the danger of this game and sort out their differences around the table rather than in the skies above us.

This is one of my favourite views from the office windows
- very soothing on the eyes!

Have a peaceful weekend.


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