White horses are galloping across a cold blue sea

Temperatures dipped to freezing last night with a strong northerly wind and there was ice on the puddles when I walked to work this morning. White horses are galloping across a cold blue sea and there is not much human activity to be seen, apart from the crew of the Symi who seem to have more rust to chip than the Forth Bridge. They have, however, found time to decorate the saloon with baubles and festoons of green plastic foliage which swing ever so queasily in time to the motion of the boat. The susceptible are advised to brave the elements on the after deck and watch the horizon instead. The clear winter light reveals features invisible in summer's haze.

The low angle of the winter sun means that our side of the harbour is in more or less permanent shadow now (see webcam) and the moss is thick on the Kali Strata. The wind is yanking at the shutters and when I went up onto the parapet to adjust the webcam I was practically blown off my feet.

The schools have closed for the holidays and many people are away until the Epiphany on 6 January. The ferry yesterday morning was packed as there had been a gale warning in force over the weekend and many more will be leaving tomorrow. The Met office has forecast a clear cold Christmas for most of Greece with moderate northerly winds. While it will be well below freezing for much of the mainland, the Cyclades and the northern Aegean, here on Symi we should be looking at about 3 degrees minimum and about 9 maximum, give or take a bit for wind chill.

Have a good week - and remember, if you eat all the goodies now, there will be no surprises to look forward to on Christmas Day...!:-)


Paintings of Horses  – (Friday, October 21, 2011)  

Good post. But it would be more nice if you can add picture/s of white horses are galloping across a cold blue sea.

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