Dinky little Christmas decorations

It is a chilly grey day on Symi and the same can be said of the rest of Greece, the only variations being in terms of depth of temperature and shade of grey. It is about 7 degrees and the snow is clearly visible on the Turkish mountains. The halogen heater at the office is not making much of an impact on the solid bulk of cold air and the cherubs on the ceiling probably wish they were more warmly attired. A palm frond doesn't do much at this time of the year. There are very few people around as those who are not tucked up in doors are over in Rhodes, doing their shopping.

Last night we were dazzled by the new streetlights now zigzagging up the Vigla behind our farm, complete with their dinky little Christmas decorations. When we bought our place 10 years ago we were in the depths of the country and the nearest street light was nearly a kilometre away. Now Symi suburbia is shining in through our skylights!

Have a peaceful Christmas.


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