Goats with Gourmet Tastes

It seems to be summer. It was 32 degrees in my olive grove yesterday and the ambient noise was the steady munching of locusts working their way through the few remaining lettuces that are not actually flowering yet. They haven't discovered the wild hollyhocks as they are still preoccupied with gorging on the roses. Being the only patch of greenery in the area makes our plot irresistible to every known garden pest from innocuous-looking old ladies just wanting to strip the rosemary bushes to insects looking for a snack and goats with gourmet tastes. The first and the last have been discouraged by the presence of Dog but the insects are not so easily put off.

Down in the harbour there is merry bedlam below the window. The Symi is preparing to depart and there are several Greek school parties gathered, teachers trying to do headcounts while their charges chatter excitedly. Hawkers and truckers are trying to load vehicles amid squealing teenagers and the crew members sound increasingly testy. Phew. They seem to be sorted out now and departing. That's it. All gone for another day.

Have a peaceful weekend.


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