The Excursion Boats are Running

A clear calm cloudless sunny day on Symi. There's just enough wind to riffle the water but not quite enough to flutter a flag.

Last week's arrivals have lost their pallor and settled into the holiday routine. The excursion boats are running and reports are coming in that sunbeds and brollies are being deployed at various beaches. It is expected to become warmer as the week progresses so this week's new arrivals should be pleased.

The hay wagons are on the island - big lorries loaded with neat cubes of fodder. The gypsies park them on the verge up above the bend on the way to the windmills and sleep underneath them. It is warm enough to sleep out and it is not uncommon to see quilts, blankets, football magazines and other items of domesticity arranged in the shade of these large trucks while they wait to offload their hay onto the smaller pickups belonging to the local farmers.

Have a good week.


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