September Postcards from Symi

The style may be Ottoman but the motif is very definitely Christian.

These days when I walk down the Kali Strata to work most of the route is still in shadow.

Symi has become a very popular yachting destination for rich Turks celebrating Eid and other holidays.  Symi harbour and the outlying anchorages were very busy last week and over the weekend.

A recently restored mansion on one of the contour paths above the Kali Strata.  

The Blue Star Paros leaving Yialos at 8.15 on Wednesday morning.  Look how long those shadows are.  Autumn is just around the corner.

Day trippers from Rhodes getting a potted history of Symi from their guides. The mulberry trees the municipality planted in the town square a few years ago are starting to give some much needed shade.

An early morning view of Pedi.  As you can see, a lot of the larger boats now go stern to the rocks on the Agia Marina side of the bay.  Not really a good spot when the catabatic winds come barreling down in the evening and turn it into a lee shore but when the anchorage is so full there isn't much choice.

Long shadows and CARPET SELLERS!  A sure sign that autumn is on its way.  This year the fashion seems to be neutrals and zebra stripes.  In this climate one rarely sees wall-to-wall carpets.  People put down rugs and carpets in the winter and pack them away again in the spring.

Natural sea sponges make the perfect holiday gift. They weigh very little and are easy to pack so even if you are travelling light you can take some back as a souvenir of your Symi holiday.

Basil and lavender at the flower shop.

A cheerful Ukraine cruising yacht below the Symi Visitor Accommodation office.

Oh and did I tell you the clouds are back?

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I sailed into Panormitis Bay, Symi, by chance one windy July day in 1993 and have been here ever since. The locals tell me that this is one of the miracles of St Michael of Panormitis. A BA graduate with majors in English, Philosophy and Classical Civilisation, the idea of living in what is to all intents and purposes an archaeological site appeals to me. Not as small as Kastellorizo, not as touristy as Rhodes, Symi is just the right size. I live on a small holding which my husband and I have reclaimed from a ruin of over-grazing and neglect and turned into a small oasis over the course of the past 22 years. I also work part-time for Symi Visitor Accommodation, helping independent travellers discover and enjoy Symi's simple pleasures for themselves.

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