July Postcards from Symi

The Cypriot  Salamis Filoxenia is the largest cruise ship that can actually dock in Yialos.  The rest, if they come our way, anchor off in Nimborio bay and bring their guests ashore in lighters.  

After a searing heatwave of over a week with temperatures in the mid to high forties, Symi's plant life is a bit frazzled.  The bougainvilleas and many trees and shrubs are shedding flowers, bracts and leaves with every puff of wind.  Temperatures have now dropped back into the thirties and feel quite reasonable after what we have been through recently.

Discreet advertising on the Kali Strata.  Symi is popular with artists of all kinds, inspired by the architecture, the landscape, the sparkling Aegean light...  If you are looking for somewhere to spark your muse, come to Symi!

The view from the Symi Visitor balcony is much busier than it was a week or so ago.  Ferries, cruise ships, water taxis, excursion boats, gulets, private yachts - there's always something coming or going every time I look out.

The Blue Star Paros has taken over from the Patmos for the summer.  Smaller and nippier, you can't miss her arrivals and departures as she plays little ice cream van jingles as the ramp goes down and up.

Once upon a time the sponge merchants of Symi sat out on these balconies, looking out for the fleet returning from the sponge grounds off Bengazi in Libya. That black car in the background is actually on the top of the hill on the other side of the harbour!  Symi's dimensions are Toy Town.

Keeping to the shady side of the street.

Looking up the Kali Strata from near the bottom, near the Old Markets hotel.

Summer colours

A new cantina has opened above me, at Agia Marina cemetery  (not to be confused with Agia Marina beach which is a different place altogether!).  A low budget enterprise, most of the furniture has been made from old pallets.  They will be grilling souvlaki on hot summer nights and we have already discovered that we are teased with tantalising aromas when the wind blows from that direction.

The view from the new cantina.  That is the Pedi Valley and Pedi Bay on the right.  On the left you can see over the ridge towards Nimborio bay and Nimos island.
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Linda  – (Saturday, July 08, 2017)  

What a gorgeous place! Beautiful photos! Thank you so much for sharing, and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

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