AOS Symi Goes to Camber Sands

Symi's Under 11 and Under 12 football teams, ready to board the Blue Star this morning for their big adventure.
It is with much excitement that we announce that Symi is sending two football teams to England this weekend to participate in the UEFA Youth Tournament at Camber Sands in East Sussex.  They are going as the Dodecanese champions as they won the Dodecanese tournament earlier this month.

There are 23 children and 28 mothers and grandmothers heading for Pontings Camber Sands Holiday Park this weekend, along with coach Spiros Hatzipetros.  The football tournament will be taking place at a neighbouring pitch, starting at 9 on Saturday morning and continuing through Sunday so if you are in the area, please go along to give them your support.

The matches will be run like the World Cup. There will be a prize for the winning team as well as a Golden Boot for the boy who scores the most goals.  A select winning team will also be made up of the best player in each team.  Prizes will be awarded by Paul Merson who used to play for Arsenal and Aston Villa. The prize giving will take place at 5 p.m. on Sunday afternoon.

This is the first time Symi has sent footballers overseas.  In these times of Greek austerity and the interminable Greek cash flow crisis, it is a huge achievement as all the funding had to be raised through fund-raising events and donations.  There is no government funding available. The mothers of Symi have been busy with this project since October 2016.  Sponsors include among others Blue Star Ferries, Pantelis restaurant, Elpida's cafeneion, Gerfiraki cafe, Symi Tours, Panormitis Travel, Lakis Travel, Savviou Travel, Panormitis monastery and Symi municipality.  Sponsors even helped to provide T-shirts and sweatshirts for the team to travel in so our boys look as smart as the other teams competing. Any funds left over will be put towards sending teams next year as it is hoped to make this an annual event.

A new challenge for these children is that it is the first time they will be playing on a proper turf pitch like the professionals rather than the Astroturf that Symi's limited water supply dictates.  They will be playing on a pitch laid by the same firm that lays the Premier League pitches so there is nothing amateurish about what lies ahead.

It won't be all work though.  On Monday a coach will pick everyone up and take them to Chelsea Football Club for a tour and lunch. After that they will be taken to London Bankside Pier for a Thames river cruise to Westminster Pier.  On Monday evening they will then fly back to Rhodes.

We wish them all the best of luck - and will let you know on Monday how they got on.

Have a good weekend.


Lotta å Tomas, Bovallstrand, Sweden –   – (Saturday, May 27, 2017)  

Looking at Symi webcam almost every morning all year around and checking your fine blog - today we felt soo happy and excited for your young boys on fotball adventure soo that we had to write <3 Keeping fingers crossed up here in Sweden for your team! All our love to your beautiful island, hope to visit soon again Lotta & Tomas, Bovallstrand , Sweden

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