Happy New Year from Chilly Symi

Pedi Bay during the December supermoon. This photograph was taken from high up in Chorio,  That bright light is actually over in Turkey, several miles away.  In the winter when the weather is clear one can see the opposite shore quite clearly.

As I was saying!  This was the view from Lieni this morning.

Looking the other way, those are the wind turbines between Datca and Marmaris!

The view from the  Symi Visitor Accommodation office this morning.  The Blue Star Patmos has been seriously delayed due to Force 9 gales in the Aegean which precipitated a shipping ban.  It was supposed to have left Piraeus at 10 this morning but at time of writing is still tied up so unlikely to get here before midday tomorrow (Saturday).  The truck you can see in the photograph comes over from Rhodes with fruit and vegetables for the Symi supermarkets and is waiting to go back with a load of empty crates.

Yanni proudly showing off the octopus he caught in Harani recently.  Octopus stifado is a popular winter dish here. The octopus is braised with red wine, vinegar, spices and lots of small onions.  

Free range Fred looking for breakfast in Lieni.

Now that we have had a sustained cold spell the remaining leaves on the valonia oak trees are starting to turn colour like proper autumn leaves.
It has been a cold wet and windy week with heavy rain on Wednesday and Thursday. This morning dawned bright and clear and it looks as though we will have a cold start to the new year with daytime highs on Symi and Rhodes of around 9 degrees, dropping to 5 or 6 at night.  Much of Greece has had snow and icy weather.  Even nearby Rhodes experienced snow flurries on the highest points at Ataviro and Profiti Ilias.  More rain is forecast for next week with a slight rise in temperatures to around 12 degrees at midday.

Rick Stein's cookery show, 'From Venice to Istanbul' is evidently being shown on TV in  Australia at the moment and we have received many emails from people wanting to book 'Rick Stein's house'. To set the record straight, the house is actually Sofia's house in Harani.  It was sold some years ago to a Symiot family who now live in it year round so it is no longer available as a rental property.  It never belonged to Rick Stein and he himself only used it as a film set as it had a big open plan kitchen dining room with plenty of space for the cameras.  He himself stayed in Iapetos Village Hotel at the back of the harbour. There are lots of lovely houses to rent on Symi and we are happy to help you book one but it won't be 'Rick Stein's house'!

Still on the subject of food, Symi has a great selection of good restaurants and tavernas in the summer so there is no need to slave over a hot stove in the heat of a Symi summer.  If, however, you do want to dabble in the culinary arts and try your hand at Greek recipes, most of our rental houses are fully equipped for self-catering and you will find the ingredients for seasonal Greek cuisine in the local shops and markets in Chorio and Yialos.

The town public address system is pumping out Christmas jingles and it is time for me to head for the bus stop.  My next blog will be on Tuesday as the office is closed on Monday. All of us at Symi Visitor Accommodation wish you a very happy new year and we'll be telling you soon about our planned birthday celebrations as we turn 20 in 2017!


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