Balcony Views and Random Street Art

Tuesday from the Symi Visitor Accommodation balcony and the Cypriot cruise ship, Salamis Filoxenia, that used to visit us on Wednesdays, came in.

Wednesday morning from the Symi Visitor Accommodation balcony and the Blue Star Paros.

Wednesday from the Symi Visitor Accommodation balcony with a little zoom - time for a little anchor fun.  

Thursday morning from the Symi Visitor Accommodation balcony - Bringing in the day's catch.

A minimalist balcony at the back of Yialos.

Random street art on the doors of the old forge at the back of a small square in Yialos.  This intriguing arrangement of leaves, cardboard and sellotape may have something to do with the bevy of little girls who often gather to play in this corner in the afternoons.

Look up!

A touch of the exotic.

Someone has put a nesting box under the balcony of the cultural centre.  Those of you who can read Greek will realise that this building was once Symi's town hall.  The current town hall is a three storey building at the back of the square in Yialos.

Friday - misty morning over Pedi
As July draws to a close Symi is a bit busier although still nothing like the glory days of the 2000s.  A Cypriot cruise ship called in for a while on Tuesday but there are still far fewer gulets and yachts than usual.  I was chatting to a local woman on my walk to work this morning and she was saying that her barometer of how busy the island is is the bus up from her afternoon swim in Pedi.  In past years it used to be standing room only and double runs but these days it is seldom more than half full.

Local Greek band Other View performed in the town square in Yialos on Wednesday night which gave the locals an opportunity to enjoy themselves and also for local young talent to be showcased. Unfortunately there is very little in the way of advance publicity for any of these events and no posters so it is difficult to find out what is happening when.  There are occasional announcements over the town public address system (the one they were testing with tantalising fragments of 'Zorba' a few weeks ago) but as is so often the case if you are in the wrong place or the bus goes past at the crucial moment, you miss the announcement. Apparently on Saturday there is another event in the town square in Yialos and then on Sunday there will be the annual Symi Shrimp Festival in the square in Chorio with shrimps, wine and traditional dancing. This annual event is organised by the Symi Women's Association and predates the original Symi Festival. Whenever I receive information about anything specific I will post it here as I am sure will James Collins on his Symi Dream blog.

Have a good weekend.


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