April Postcards from Symi

Clear and calm - and it is definitely starting to feel like summer!

Down in the harbour more places are opening up every day.

The hotels are starting to get ready for the season.  Mattresses airing on the balconies at the Albatros hotel, round the corner from the Symi Visitor Accommodation office.

Meanwhile up in Chorio, that kite from Clean Monday is still draped around the wires outside Giorgio and Maria's taverna.  If you are unfamiliar with Symi, this is the upper reaches of the Kali Strata steps, just before one gets to the Chorio square.

One bonus of the dry weather is that the roses are wonderful this year, unmarred by rain on the petals.

White horse and daisies at the top of the Pedi valley.

Lieni - Getting the whitewashing done in time for Easter.

It has been a long time since these old houses in Chorio last saw any whitewash.

Chorio is a mixture of restored houses like the one in the photograph below, and places that are in a state of neglect or total ruin, their owners long emigrated to Australia or America.

A Symi cat, admiring harbour views from the Kastro.

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