Pentecost on Symi

A cat who doesn't like Mondays.

The water ship departing from Yialos at 8 this morning.  Symi has no natural water and depends on a small desalination plant on the Pedi road and a water ship to keep the population - and visitors - supplied with household water.  This is one of the reaasons why we don't have swimming pools on Symi. The other is that the island's architecture is protected and swimming pools are not part of the 19th century neo-classical heritage of the island.  You would be hard-pressed to find space to put one anyway as the houses cling to the cliffs and hillsides like opera boxes at La Scala and gardens are rare.

Departing yachts and gulets.

A water taxi heading out on the first run of the day, at 10 a.m.

Gyros, jewelry, beach bags, sunhats and ferry tickets for Dodecanese Seaways and Blue Star ferries - this is looking up the lane from the seaward side.

Wherever you look there are bright colours and pretty views.  Turn left for Symi Tours, the ferry ticket office.

Hand made pottery, mobile phones, cotton clothes, Birkenstocks, original artwork, beauty treatments, cafes, wine, ferry tickets and accessories can all be found in this lane.

There are some charming boutiques on the island, selling lovely summer clothes. Women visitors really can arrive with an empty suitcase and leave with a full one.  

Flowers and plants, fresh bread, meat, hardware, newspapers (foreign and local), clothes, shoes, jewelry, groceries and souvenirs are all to be found in this lane.

Most places have stone, tile or wooden floors.  In the winter months loose carpets and rugs are put down to take the chill off as the houses are seldom heated.  \At the beginning of the summer they are all washed, dried in the sun and then rolled up and stored in big plastic bags for the purpose in the attic.  

It is quite common for supermarkets on Symi to put their fresh produce outside so that customers can see what is in today.  Note that there are no prepackages.  You pick what you want, put it in a bag and it is weighed inside for you.  Greeks are very particular about their food and like to see exactly what they are buying.

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