January Postcards from Symi

The carpenter's cats seem to be having a good winter.

Ditto these two, keeping a bike warm while the owner enjoys a morning coffee.  Normal service has resumed at Pachos now that the redecorating has been completed.  Purists will be observe that it looks exactly the same as before, so no need to fear unwanted change!

Yialos in January looks very different to Yialos in July.

The Blue Star Diagoras, calling into Symi en route from Piraeus to Rhodes and Kastellorizon.  This is our main lifeline for supplies in the winter months as she is the only car ferry serving Symi.

Yialos often floods in the winter, not just from rain but also when barometric lows and spring tides raise the water level in the harbour. This shop keeper was taking no chances when he packed up his tourist shop for the winter.  As I said, Yialos in January is very different to Yialos in July!

The town square in Yialos, still in shadow although Mavrovouni, the hill behind, is already dazzling in blinding sunshine.  Most of the Christmas decorations have been packed away but if you look carefully, there is still a lonely plastic Santa of lifesize proportions perched on a wall.

After 4 days of solid rain there isn't a house on the island that isn't festooned with wet socks.  I spotted this innovative use of a traditional Symi shutter latch in the lanes this morning.

A quiet street scene in Yialos.

Not much happening  here either.

It may be difficult for summer time visitors to Greece to realise, but Greek winters are so wet moss grows on the houses.  This stone balcony is devoloping an interesting velvety green finish.

After 4 days of solid rain, thunderstorms and gale force winds (including a shipping ban on Tuesday night), the sun came out this morning and we are in blinding sunshine.  Temperatures out of doors are around 15 degrees centigrade, a far cry from summer's 30s and 40s but considerably pleasanter than the sub-zero gales of last week.  The forecast is for temperatures to remain in the 12-17 centigrade bracket for the next 10 days.  The weekend will be dry and bright, with more rain sneaking in midweek. The wind will be back on Tuesday night.  Will this mean the third Wednesday in succession without a morning Blue Star? Watch this space!  Well, not much else happens on Symi in the winter and everything revolves around ferries or lack thereof - post, medicine, food, Amazon deliveries, doctor's appointments, shopping trips, catching planes...

Have a warm weekend.


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