A Rural Retreat with Fabulous Views.

A desirable holiday let for those seeking seclusion. No need for air conditioning as the house is well ventilated.  You can gather the honey for your Greek breakfast from the hive under the fig tree in the foreground.  Photograph by Susan Grzebisz.

Green door, what's that secret you're keeping?  Photograph by Susan Grzebisz.

Versatile courtyard space and some fine examples of authentic traditional stone work .  Photograph by Susan Grzebisz.

Oregano for your Greek salad ready to pick and you can bake your daily loaf in the old fourno under the tree.  Photograph by Susan Grzebisz.

And a fabulous uninterrupted view of Pedi Bay.  Please note, this property does not include arrival and departure transfers!   Villa Jasmine and the Pedi Katoi are on the opposite shore and are considerably more accessible.  Photo by Barry Hankey.

A misty sunrise above Pedi today.  It has remained quite cool today with patchy cloud and a feeling of 'will it rain or won't it?' about the day.

Pedi bay in the early morning mist.  The settlement in the upper photographs is on the top of the ridge of hills to the right.

Meanwhile in a slightly more accessible neighbourhood, my artichokes have decided that the Second Spring has arrived and are starting to shoot. We will, however, have to wait until March to enjoy fresh globe artichokes from the garden.

The little oak tree by the side of the road in Lieni has grown quite a lot this summer.  The grass is starting to grow along the verges once more.

There was a big wedding on the island on Saturday and this house belongs to one of the bridal party, hence the decorations.    The laundry is a more practical touch - very few people have tumble driers on Symi and washing lines on balconies are the order of the day.

The bridal car, decorated with lilies.

The season is drawing to a close and life won't be so comfortable for Symi's cat population.  Please drop off any change you might have in the nearest Symi Animal Welfare collection box to help our furry friends through the winter.

Monday morning dawned hazy with lots of low cloud wrapped around the Vigla and Kokkimides.  There is talk of possible thunder showers this afternoon.  We've heard growls of distant thunder every afternoon for the past few days but so far it hasn't turned into anything significant.  It is about 24 degrees centigrade today and quite chilly in the shade.  Current temperatures are ideal for walking and Barry Hankey who has written some walking guides which you will find on our Walking Page took Wendy, Sue and Mike exploring yesterday, to visit a very old rural settlement on a hilltop overlooking the head of Pedi Bay.

Some of us may be walking rather more than we intended as unfortunately the Symi bus has broken down and as it can only be repaired on Rhodes we do not know when it will be back in commission. Fortunately Symi has several taxis and it is common practice in Greece to share a taxi so there is an alternative to tackling the 400 or so steps of the Kali Strata.

Have a good week.


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