September Symi Snapshots

When I first came to Symi in 1993 outdoor sinks such as this one were quite common.  This one is in the street below the Syllogos Square in Chorio, en route to Villa Anastasia.  The metal can on the wall holds about 4 litres of water and in the days before pressurised water would have been filled with a pitcher from the cistern.  The can has a tiny brass tap which delivers a modest trickle of water and there is a little cup brazed to the side of it to hold a cake of soap.

The upper reaches of the Kali Strata with Giorgio and Maria's famous restaurant.  Giorgio and Maria are both long dead but their names linger on in this popular traditional taverna, the walls lined with faded photographs of long ago parties.

In a few weeks these pomegranates will be a luscious red, in time for the traditional celebrations of All Souls.  A sweet wheat pudding called koliva, decorated with pomegranate seeds, is shared at funerals and memorial days and also on All Souls - a tradition that has its roots in Demeter's search for Persephone in Hades.

The Symi excursion boat from Rhodes is an old car ferry.  No longer allowed to carry vehicles or freight, the crew often lower the side vehicle doors when in port to let the wind blow through.  I have, on occasion over the years, photographed crew members on deck chairs fishing off the ramps!

Waiting for the Friday morning Blue Star Diagoras.

The Symi Gallery on the Kali Strata steps.  Open most evenings in the summer.

Overhead wires are very much a feature of the Symiot skyline and of many photographs.  Although in theory they are all supposed to be concealed underground, in practice this would be very expensive and would also involve digging up large quantities of historic paving so the raffle of overhead wires remains.

Spiti Grande Helene and Villa Iris on Mavrovouni, as seen looking across from the Kali Strata.  

The bell tower of St John's church, Yialos.

An announcement to let us know that an endocrinologist will be visiting the island tomorrow from 10 a.m. at the Chorio clinic.  Various specialists come over from Rhodes from time to time.

7.30 Friday morning and the Blue Star Diagoras fills Yialos from side to side.

A few hours later and I am looking at a rather brutal lines of Turkish built  superyacht, 'M
Have a good weekend - and remember, we start taking bookings for 2015 holidays at the end of October.


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