Making Hay While the Sun Shines

Bales of hay drying in the Pedi Valley
Organic pest control at its finest - this little spider spun a rough web around an apricot and is now waiting quietly under a leaf for lunch to come along. Unfortunately this did not save my apricot crop from the birds but it was a nice try anyway.
Symi's version of the haywain.
The Kali Stata - the 'good steps' and part of my walk to work each morning.
A touch of whimsy on the Kali Strata.
When the sea is calm here it shows these beautiful shifting patterns as the day warms up.
Thunder clouds over Yialos. The weather has been quite unsettled this week but so far we have not seen any rain beyond random drops which evaporate before they hit the hot pavements.  Temperatures are around 30 degrees.
Greece is still in a state of shock at the dramatic and sudden closure of ERT, the public broadcasting corporation and there has been a ripple of strike action through the country.  With the remaining media on strike until Tuesday in sympathy there is effectively a countrywide news black out - except, ironically enough, from ERT where stubborn journalists who refuse to budge are broadcasting via ERT's website - and a rogue website  The government announced that they would be launching a new broadcasting company in August, with the acronym, NERIT, but failed to register the domain name in time.  The name was hijacked by journalists who are using it to enable ERT staff to continue broadcasting...  Wags are already suggesting that in the light of the Troika and the demands of those EU members who hold the purse strings, registering it as might be more apt!

Have a good weekend.


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