You Can Take a Horse to Water...

... but you can't make it swim!

Spotted in Nimborio recently cooling off on a hot September afternoon.
This riding horse used to be a police horse on Rhodes until it suffered an injury while jumping a fence.  It has now been acquired by the Antoniades family as a riding horse.  Horses are quite unusual on Symi.  We see plenty of donkeys, mules and pack ponies carrying loads up and down the island's many steps but a horse for the sheer pleasure of owning and riding such a beautiful beast is a rare thing on the island.

Yanni Antoniades and canine friend giving the horse a splash bath to cool off.

Horses usually enjoy a swim but this one had other ideas :-)

Photographs by Nicholas Shum

Still on the subject of transport but on a more practical level, Dodecanese Seaways have finally filled in the gaps in the September ferry schedule which can be found on and it is now possible to book tickets for Wednesday 19 September and Wednesday 26 September.

Another piece of good news is that local photographer, Jordan Blakesley, has had his photographs featured in the on line edition of the British daily newspaper, the Telegraph.  Jordan's work is currently on exhibition and for sale at the Symi Gallery on the Kali Strata in Chorio.

Have a good weekend.


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