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 The heat wave continues and the Hellenic National Meteorological Service says that this is one of the hottest summers on record. Temperatures are supposed to drop in northern and central Greece this weekend, with plenty of thunderstorms to break the heat but it will take a while for any change in the weather to affect Symi so far south. 

Purists may despise the Symi train as an affront to the island’s aesthetic, but the local children just love it.  Every evening one sees young families, children bright eyed and eager, boarding the train for the trip around Harani to the hill above Nimborio and back again.  In a small place that offers few amusements for young families and where many parents are working long hours in tourist related jobs and cannot take time off to take the children to the beach every day, a 40 minute train ride is an exciting adventure before bed time.  In many ways Symi seems like toyland with its small but perfect houses and bright white churches gleaming on the hills.  Perhaps a toy train is not so out of place after all.

A Cypriot cruise ship, the Salamis Filoxenia, paid Symi a visit yesterday morning.  In previous years we used to have two visits a week from Cypriot cruise ships as well as weekly visits from Seabourne Odyssey and more random ones from various boutique cruise ships such as Hebridean Spirit and Mayan Queen.  According to recent newspaper reports we may see more cruise ships in these waters in 2013.  We certainly hope so.  One of the reasons why the Michalaki was moved from the clock tower to outside Pachos two years ago was to widen the harbour at the clock tower to facilitate cruise ship docking.

On a more serious note, anyone who is travelling in Greece in the next fortnight is strongly advised to prebook all ferry tickets.  Even in a recession the boats are very full this time of the year and we are already hearing sad stories of people being left on the dock in Rhodes because they did not book their tickets in time.  The websites are and

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