The Long and Winding Road - Sevasti and Wookie

Since Olympic Holidays took on Sevasti Studios in upper Chorio this year we have had many people pass through our Symi Visitor Accommodation office, wondering where this accommodation is. The easy answer is that it is next door to one of our own rental properties, Villa Wookie, but that does not help new comers very much.  While both are relatively easy to find when coming off the bus at the Lavinia stop at the top of Lieni, wandering home through the lanes after dinner in Chorio is more of a challenge.  The trick is to follow the signs to the museum, a route which is very well sign posted.

Keep going - the museum is the building on the left.  This is the last really steep bit. I love the little whirly toy in the plant pot on the terrace to the right.
The museum, closed for renovation this year.  You need to go up the steps and then turn left.
This rather striking red house opposite the museum is a good landmark to look out for.  If you carry on along the front of it that lane leads eventually to Stavros Church, the Kataraktis and all sorts of other interesting parts of old Chorio.  It will not, however, get you home to Villa Wookie or Sevasti Studios.

If you are staying in the Stone House, a new listing with Symi Visitor Accommodation, this is the little lane you need to look out for, about 20 metres along the lane from the museum.  The Stone House is the one on the right, behind the house with the umbrella.

If you are doing the route in reverse, the lane on the right leads to the museum.

When you are confronted by this rather uninspiring wall with a window, turn right and you will see...

The lane to your destination.  That is Sevasti Studios in the middle distance.
A little way up the ramp to the right in the photograph is the entrance to Sevasti Studios.  If you carry on straight ahead you will be at the Lavinia Studios bus stop.
Sevasti Studios. The lane up to the right in the picture is the access to Villa Wookie.

Of course, once you have explored the area there are various other routes through the lanes from Giorgio's taverna to the welcome bed and I won't say that this is the quickest, but it is the most straightforward for newcomers as as long as you can find the museum home is not far away.

Have a good week.


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