In the Early Hours of a Summer Morning

As I set off for work early this morning there was a lot of traffic heading the opposite way – priests and pilgrims and ladies in black, all heading into the Pedi valley to the little monastery dedicated to St Panteleimon.  For an explanation of his life and works, please see James’ blog on Symi Dream.  I walk down to work in the cool of the early morning and it is amazing how many people there are out and about at 7 a.m  Not just priests and pilgrims but also all the people that help to make Symi function smoothly during the tourist season. The dustbin men, the street sweepers, the men from the electricity and telephone companies, the employees of all the cafes, tavernas, restaurants and tourist shops are all about their business in the early hours of the summer morning, or gathering in the kafeneions for a quick Greek coffee before tackling the labours of the day.

The harbour was host to the finish of the Kos-Tilos-Symi yacht race last night.  Members of the fleet were in the bakery ahead of me this morning, buying bread and cheese pies for breakfast.  In an attempt to impose some kind of order on the harbour, the mooring men work on a formula of putting the power boats on the north side of Yialos, by the war memorial, the sailing flotillas and catamarans on the south side by the taxi rank and then the big Turkish gulets by the bus stop or by the clock tower and anchored off in Harani. This works quite well and there are fewer shouting matches between indignant small boat owners fending off great looming power yachts.

The Symi Festival is very low key this year and comprises mainly those events that take place at this time of the year every year regardless.  Last Saturday night the theatre group staged a popular play for children.  This Saturday evening the Symi Women’s Association is hosting its annual Symi Shrimp Festival in the Syllogos Square in Chorio.  If you like the combination of seafood and traditional dancing, follow the sound of the music. Everyone is welcome.

DodecaneseSeaways has announced on Facebook that the Wednesday schedule in September will be the same as in August so even though there is nothing showing on their website yet, never fear.  Symi Wednesday arrivals will be able to catch the ferry from Kolonna at 18.15 and those leaving on Wednesday mornings will be able to depart on the 7.45 from Symi.  Welcome news for those who have been worrying.

Have a good weekend.

Krogsbøll Holt  – (Sunday, July 29, 2012)  

Hi Adriana!

What happened to picture 4 at the harbor. Is it a mix of two photos?
Lower left looks like a city overview?

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