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This view from a terrace at the top of Chorio was certainly worth the climb.  That is the Pedi Valley and a glimpse of Pedi Bay on the right hand side of the photograph.  The windmills are along the crest of the ridge in the middle and the expanse of water to the left is part of Nimborio Bay with the small island of Nimos.  The distant hills are the Turkish coastline in the region ofDatca,  Orhaniye and Bozborun.

The view in reverse.  I took this photograph from the bus stop by the windmills, looking across to the part of Chorio where the terrace is in the previous photograph.  The red-domed church in the middle is Agia Trianda, the main church in Chorio.  The hill in the background is actually the Vigla Mountain (700 metres) and the various aerials and transmitters that give us 3G mobile connections, television channels and also the satellite telephone station are all located on this peak.  The horizontal scar just above the houses is the motor road to Panormitis and Roukoniotis.

The Kali Strata in early morning.  The chairs and tables are the Kali Strata bar, a popular summertime watering hole for sipping Mojitos and watching the sun set behind the hills.  Tomorrow evening it will be very busy as the Italian wedding party will be having their cocktails there before moving on to Giorgio's taverna for dinner.

Yialos, Symi's main harbour. The buildings that surround Symi's famous amphitheatre harbour are landmarks.  There is a flag pole with a Greek flag on the rocky outcrop in the middle of the picture - but not a breath of air to stir it in the heat.

It was only when I downloaded this photograph of a spectacular bougainvillea in a sleepy side street just off the Kali Strata that I noticed the cat.  I apologise for the washed out colours behind.  My little camera is not up to the challenge of blinding Symi sunshine.

Shades of sleeping beauty.  Another week and it will be difficult to open the door.

Morning shadow play on a wall.

A burnished sea on a hot June morning.
This weekend brings the Greek election, the results of which are impossible to predict but whatever happens will affect the lives of all of us who live and work here in Greece, Greeks and foreigners alike.  We live in interesting times.  This weekend also brings two big 'foreign' celebrations to the island - a Big Fat Italian Wedding in Chorio and a very special Octogenerian Birthday at Iapetos Village.  Both of these have brought many first time visitors to the island and are an expression of foreign solidarity with the Symiots.  Greek flags abound and even the wedding cake will be blue and white, the colours of the Greek flag.  If you are on Symi on Saturday afternoon, look out for the Iapetos horse and carriage as it brings the bride down from the windmills at 18.30.  Celebrations such as these bring business to the island at all levels and are much appreciated by the hotels, shops, tavernas, cafes and so on in these difficult times.  As one of the British Sunday papers said recently, help save Greece with your beach towel!

Have a good weekend.


Anonymous –   – (Saturday, June 16, 2012)  

Dear Adriana. Every time I see your blog on my computerscreen, I feel happy - looking forward again to be in "the universe of Symi" especially september 14 - the only day where there is access to the monastery of Stavros tou Polemou (formerly always open).
And whatever the Greek election will bring, I will have enough € with me :-)
Best greetings
Arne (from Denmark).

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