The Joys of Spring - My Walk to Work

The wild hollyhocks are in flower.  The recent strong winds have knocked their spires into various crazy angles but they are still delightful.  My little Olympus camera does not really do the color justice - a voluptuous satiny pink.

A defiant clump of poppies, hanging on despite the rising temperatures. With midday peaks around 30 degrees the flowers don't last very long.

Looking across to the windmills from Lieni, Symi is still predominantly green.  The dust of summer has yet to settle on all those shiny new leaves.

Clumps of daisies, plumes of grass. 

Symi is famous for its beautiful neo-classical architecture. While the houses seem quite uniform at first, close attention reveals all sorts of little details, like this carefully cut stone work above a doorway on the Kali Strata.

Or this eye on a pediment, also on the Kali Strata.  In this part of the world, houses and boats are often marked with eyes to protect them from evil.

The fascinating staircase leading to the current home of the peripatetic Symi Gallery.  Gallery events are advertised on their Facebook page and you can see more work by Ian Haycox on his website.

Two beautifully restored mansions on the Kali Strata.  Symi is so steep that very few properties have gardens and those that there are are usually full of useful things like lemons and oranges, as is the case with these two.

It is such a bright and cheerful time of the year here on Symi.  The sun is shining, there are people about, everything is growing and looks fresh and perky - only the most determined pessimist could be gloomy in such circumstances.  That said, this was the quietest election I have ever experienced on Symi.  Usually Pasok heartland, there was no reason for dynamite and victory toots last night.  Coming in third was a definite shock to moral and there was a lot of discussion going on in the cafeneions and lanes this morning.  New Democracy, who won by a very slender majority, have 3 days in which to create a coalition government.  If they fail, there will be another election.  For tourists this will have little impact, except that those coming to Greece from outside the Eurozone may well benefit from the fact that the value of the euro has dropped slightly on the results of both the French and the Greek elections.

Tomorrow is VE Day, a local public holiday.  If you are on Symi, come down to the harbour and enjoy the annual parade.  If you aren't on Symi, photographs of the parade will be on the Symi Dream site as they will be covering the parade as usual.

Have a good week.


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