Symi Harbour, 29 September 2011

The Cypriot cruise ship, Salamis Filoxenia, dwarfing the diminutive Kaptain Mike from Rhodes. 

The photograph above is a bit like how the average Greek feels about the Troika and all the other stuff looming over the little people.  The Greeks are not strangers to hard times as anyone familiar with Greece's modern history will know and despite what the international media have to say in their sensationalist reporting, most people work very hard indeed and have little time to enjoy the pleasures that more affluent nations take for granted.  Just because one lives and works in a beautiful holiday destination does not mean that one is on holiday.

Dodecanese Seaways has just announced its acquisition of a car ferry to serve the Dodecanese routes.  We don't know yet when it will come into commission but this is welcome news indeed.  For more information please see and our travel blog.


To Mark who commented on my previous post, the restaurant you mean is Vassilis Taverna :-)

Anonymous –   – (Thursday, September 29, 2011)  

This year we have spent our holidays for the second time on Symi. It was again beautiful and we come back safely.
Back in Germany, we miss the "Symi sun" and many other things we love about this island and its people...
I always look forward to new photos and your loving comments.

Thanks and best regards

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