Moss on the Rooftops

It is a damp and chilly Monday morning on Symi and the island’s cafeneions are noisy as Symi’s work force discusses yet another day written off to the rain. Voices and the combined aromas of coffee and tobacco rise from Pachos below and the huddle of motorbikes on the pavement grows larger. The whole of Greece is firmly under a cloud bank at the moment with thunderstorms, snow and rainy conditions countrywide. Up in the north temperatures range from 0-8 degrees centigrade but down here in the southern Dodecanese a cosy 9-16 degrees centigrade prevails. We can expect a brief cold spell mid week and then more of the wet stuff as we move into the next weekend. Fortunately at this stage no strong winds are forecast so shipping should continue as scheduled.

With moss on the rooftops and grass growing on the Kali Strata Symi is acquiring a greenish hue that would be quite surprising to summer visitors. Clumps of cyclamens are flowering in the cliff behind the bus stop in Yialos and even the rocky slopes above Pedi Bay are green as the thyme bushes are covered in tiny leaves. Mist blankets the mountain tops and the radio masts and wind turbine on the top of the Vigla are hidden by low cloud.

It is definitely time for indoor pursuits and those who are not seeking the convivial atmosphere of the cafeneions are tucked up in their houses or visiting friends. It is the time of year for reading books and watching DVDs, for making marmalade and catching up with correspondence. While winter on Symi may be too quiet for many, for those who are able to amuse themselves it is an enjoyable time indeed. This Wednesday at 10 a.m there will be another ‘learn to love your laptop’ session at the Olive Tree. If you are a laptop novice on Symi and want to learn more about how to Skype and use various other applications, this could be just the thing.

Have a warm dry week.



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