A Golden Autumn Day

It is a golden autumn day on Symi and the bees are drowsing in the tamarisk trees. Temperatures are in the mid twenties and a light breeze is riffling the water in Yialos. The water boat is lying alongside at the clock tower and the recent water shortages in the Mavrovouni section of the harbour have been resolved. They were caused by a break down in the pumping station serving that neighbourhood and parts had to be brought in from Athens. Living on a small Greek border island means accepting that there are occasional unavoidable glitches in the infrastructure but that is a small price to pay for being here, as you can see from the photos.

With the election only days away the whole of Greece is now on the move. Regular readers of this column will remember that in Greece voting is compulsory and has to be done in the place where you are on the voters’ roll, which is usually the place of your birth. This means that Symiots now living in Athens have to return to Symi to vote, while Athenians working Symi have to go to Athens for the weekend - the boats and planes will be very busy this weekend.

Have a good weekend.


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