First New Windmill in Over a Century

Symi’s solar powered desalination plant is making conspicuous progress. The Pedi road was closed yesterday while a crane manoeuvred massive components into place. Meanwhile up on the mountain top, the island’s first new windmill in over a century is nearing completion. For photographs of these amazing developments, have a look at
The disruptions up on the Vigla due to the windmill construction meant that Terri Baker’s Friday night radio broadcast was off the air (although perfectly accessible on line) and most of the Greek television channels are also down (Turkish soaps are, however, perfectly clear). There have also been some hiccoughs in the mobile phone coverage. Jordan’s podcast on symi-blog-the-symi-podcast is not affected however so you can still keep in touch with Symi that way.
Meanwhile, down in the harbour, it is 32 degrees centigrade and very quiet as anyone with any sense is on the beach. Sales of ice cream, sun hats and sun cream are up and I have just shared a large bottle of water with the petunias on the Symi Visitor Accommodation balcony. The gulls are riding the thermals, waiting for day tripper leftovers and the cats are snoozing under the sandwich boards outside the various cafes. The season of the siesta has arrived.

Off to water my vegetable garden and tie up the tomatoes.

Have a good week.



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