The Stupidity of Moths

After an extremely wet weekend everyone on Symi is mopping up. Fortunately Saturday night’s mud rain was followed by a squeaky clean downpour, albeit torrential, on Sunday morning so all the cars are shiny bright once more and the streets look as though they have been power washed with a fire hose. The grass and sweet Alexanders growing on the Kali Strata and outside the Symi Visitor office are still struggling to pull themselves upright. A few businesses have made the depressing discovery that awnings they thought would do for one more season failed to survive the weight of water and have to be replaced. There are still plenty of clouds about but wherever the sun breaks through Symi steams.

There was a shipping ban in force yesterday so some early visitors have arrived a day late but that is not unusual this early in the season. April’s Symi weather comes with no guarantees of clemency – but at least it is not snowing here, unlike London! The rest of the week should remain dry with temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees centigrade. Of course it may be considerably warmer than that on the sunny side of the harbour and out of the wind.

The Pedi Valley is luminous with clean green new leaves on the trees and everywhere there is the twittering of birds eagerly snapping up newly hatched insects. The geckos have emerged from their winter sojourn behind the icons in my kitchen, chatting about the stupidity of moths as they evade the attentions of my cats.

Have a good week.


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