Halcyon Days

The halcyon days are here and anyone who can find an excuse to be out of doors is enjoying the wintry sunshine. Looking across the harbour I can see a huddle of basking residents sipping coffee and exchanging holiday stories outside Elpida's. On days like this it is usually warmer outside than in. It is about 15 degrees at midday, falling to around 8 degrees centigrade at night. The breeze is from the north which makes for a chilly draught after sunset but is also responsible for the amazing clarity of light and sharp visibility that is a feature of this time of the year. At dawn we can see the sun shining on the snow on the distant peaks of Asia Minor and at night the headlights of cars on the coastal road around Bosburun. The stars are every bit as bright as those in the Karoo.

In the Pedi valley the sheep are fast disappearing in the undergrowth as the grass is now growing quicker than they can eat it. The lemons are ripening at last, about a month later than the last two winters, but heavy and full of juice none the less. Time to knuckle down and start on this year's lemoncello, not to mention lemon chutney and lemon pickles. Still no cyclamen flowers though and the almond blossom is running late. Many of the almond trees are still covered in leaves as we haven't had a long enough cold spell yet for winter dormancy to kick in. The rosemary bushes in my garden are in full bloom, buzzing with my neighbour's bees as the hives are just on the other side of the fence.

Webcam fans will have noticed that the bus is back after its annual service and inspection - it came over on the Proteus last night.

Have a good week.


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