Calling Ornithologists

On Sunday we heard a tremendous rumpus in the henhouse and went to investigate. Due to the avian flu legislation all our poultry runs are roofed over with chicken wire but someone had managed to find a gap at the top of the gate...

We removed him without incident, although he wasn't too impressed to have his lunch plans interrupted. The young hens had taken refuge in the laying boxes and were unharmed.

Free and away, just a distant speck in the sky within seconds of being let go.

If anyone can identify our visitor, please email me! Thanks.

RenĂ©  – (Saturday, January 26, 2008)  

Dear Adriana
The bidr is probobly a goshawk or depending on the size a smaller sparrow hawk - nice photoes and a good experience
hope to be back on Symi soon we miss it
love from Denmark
Maria and René

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