The Callisto is docked beneath our window, generators roaring away. She is a regular late season visitor in these parts, usually with parties of walkers, mountain bikers or kayakers on board. Everyone on whichever side of the harbour she berths is always relieved to see her go, however, as for some reason the Callisto has the noisiest air cooled generators in the world and never connects to shore power. The sound rises up the hill and is audible on the Kali Strata. Just as well she only comes in once a week as otherwise the residents of Yialos, Pitini and Petalo would never sleep at all. It was the Callisto which was visible in last night's live webcam.

It is very humid on Symi at the moment and we had some rather muggy rain yesterday. Thundershowers are forecast for the whole of Greece over the next few days and temperatures are still in the twenties.

I went to Rhodes yesterday and there were some enormous cruise ships in Rhodes harbour – the sort that tower over the town and add to the skyline. Rhodes Old Town was quite busy, mainly with elderly American tourists. There was a certain irony, whether conscious or not, in the Greek busker moving from one table of Americans to another, singing songs associated with the student protests at the Athens Polytechnic on November 17, 1973. For those of you whose modern Greek history is a little rusty, the Junta was very much regarded as an American ‘occupation’ of Greece and even to this day the commemoration of the events o f November 17 1973 includes a protest march on the US Embassy in Athens.

Have a good weekend.


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