There are times in the winter when living on Symi feels not unlike being on a small boat in a large and stormy ocean (and I know whereof I speak). Saturday was such a time. Violent squalls lashed the island until well into the night, snapping branches off trees and turning the sea white with foam. The Proteus managed to get through from Symi to Rhodes but all shipping in Greece was cancelled as there was a Force 10 blowing in the Aegean. Sunday was windy but dry and this morning a heavy cloud bank slid across the sky, starting the week with rainbows and drizzle, as can be seen in the accompanying photographs. Rainy weather (with varying amounts of wind) is forecast for the rest of the week.

Problems with the internet continue and at time of writing I don’t know when it will be possible to post this diary page. Last week fibreoptic cables were accidentally severed on the mainland, causing internet problems for most of the 8th November. Connections have been sluggish ever since and today they have dwindled to nothing. Some areas are also reporting problems with ordinary telephone lines. This adds to the feeling of isolation.

Fortunately the sea was calm enough this morning for the Aegli hydrofoil to make the trip across to Rhodes. She is scheduled to leave Mandraki at 14.00, bringing fresh produce and also the newspapers, confirming the re-election of George Papandreaou as leader of PASOK.

Have a good week.


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