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The low pressure system that has brought rain to the whole of Greece is slowly moving eastwards. Showers are forecast for all parts of Greece today with particularly heavy ones expected in Crete. Shipping is returning to normal, much to the relief of islands such as Mykonos and Santorini which have been hammered by winds gusting up to Force 10 in recent days. Once again Symi has been spared the worst and we should see fresh produce in Symi’s shops after the Proteus comes through from Rhodes this afternoon.

The long range forecast for Symi is cloudy skies and moderate temperatures ranging from 18 to 25 degrees centigrade for the next five or six days. No further strong winds are expected at the moment but at this time of the year storms can blow up very quickly so we will be keeping a close watch on the forecasts.

Although the season is to all intents and purposes over, visitors are still coming to Symi for the Panormitis festival in November, seasonal workers are making arrangements to go back to Rhodes, Athens or further afield for the winter and there is also quite a large group of people who have houses on Symi but work elsewhere in the summer. They are starting to return for the winter, bringing with them first hand tales of the summer fires that afflicted so many parts of Greece this year.


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