In Pursuit of a Rain Cloud

It is the first day of a new month – and of a new ferry timetable. ANES has now updated its website to show the full schedule for the month, including the Aegli and the Symi II. The Aegli is, unfortunately, out of commission at the moment, having broken down over the weekend so check that it is in fact back on stream before making any plans centred on the hydrofoil’s schedule.

Speaking of hydrofoils, Dodecanese Seaways seems to be closing early this year – at time of writing their schedule does not go beyond Wednesday 10 October.

Weatherwise, the island is basking in late summer sunshine and evening temperatures are warmer than usual for the time of year. Ambient humidity is increasing and although the heavy dewfalls that are characteristic of autumn here are still absent, mist does tend to form at nightfall, only burning off as the day heats up.

Many of the island’s regular visitors are here now and more are arriving in the course of the week. There is also quite a lot happening this month. The Symi Animal Welfare Vet Week starts on 5 October, giving the island’s strays a good start for the winter. On 21 October there is another Clean Up Symi Day which we hope will be as successful as the last one. Look out for posters with details of both of these.

Have a good week. I won’t be on line again until the end of next week as I am going on leave. Yes, while everyone else is heading for Symi I am off to England in pursuit of a rain cloud!


imagine  – (Wednesday, October 10, 2007)  

we are not enjoying a warm autum where i'am.
we just had our first snow today.

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