Salad Days!

It is a bright sunny day on Symi and merry bedlam has prevailed down in the harbour for some time. The reason for the uproar is two fold. First of all a chain has come into service to control traffic movement around the harbour during peak periods. This is a replacement for the electric boom of recent years and old hands may remember that there used to be a chain across the road back in the 90s. Secondly, the Proteus is back in service and for various reasons docked at the clock tower to discharge various trucks and cars as well as passengers. As the Proteus came in after the chain went up the vehicles off the Proteus were trapped on the wrong side of the chain, waiting for someone to drop it and let them through. At the same time other vehicles including the taxis were building up on the bus stop side of the chain, trying to get into the harbour. Lots of hooting and shouting before it all sorted itself out. Back to the drawing board…!

Meanwhile, in our corner of the Pedi valley, we have never had such good lettuces. All that donkey manure and trench digging has certainly worked. Salad days ahead.

Have a peaceful weekend.


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