Nocturnal Activities

It is a peaceful hazy day on Symi. Cat’s paws of wind dab at the water and the distant shores of Turkey are pale mauve against a lilac sky. Apart from a handful of modest yachts the harbour is quiet – it will be another 45 minutes before the Symi ferry arrives from Panormitis with its attendant hullaballoo (the crew are chipping and grinding off the rust spots – a noisy business).
Yesterday morning when the Proteus came in on her southbound journey a new wooden kiosk was trundled off the boat. It is now sitting over by the clock tower, awaiting paint and attention. A new ticket office perhaps?

Strong winds are forecast for the Aegean this weekend and many parts of Greece are experiencing stormy weather but at the moment it looks as though it will pass us by, sheltered as we are by Turkey on three sides. Only streaks of wind-blown cloud reveal that there might be more happening out there than the delicate breeze plucking at the faded flag on the Italian boat moored outside Mythos.

In the Pedi valley the sinister purple Dracunculis vulgaris lurks odiferously, pollinated by flies. The swallows are back, swooping across the evening sky, and the moonlit night is restless with the hoot of hungry owls as they go about their business. Every morning the cats present to me the fruits of their own nocturnal activities, mainly baby rodents that the owls missed.

Have a peaceful weekend.


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