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Despite fears to the contrary, Easter on Symi was a tremendous success. The weather was perfect and all the processions and ceremonies took place without a hitch or mishap. Watching the Good Friday processions of the Epitaph through the harbour, it struck me just how dramatic it must have been back in the days before Symi had streetlights, when the ribbon of lights and flashes making its way through the streets and lanes was the only source of light. On Saturday night we went up to the topmost part of Chorio, where we could look down upon all the churches – an amazing sight as they erupted with sound and light and way down at the bottom of the darkness of the Pedi valley, little plumes of fireworks spurting from the church on the quay.

On Sunday the town square was filled with music and dancing and the celebrations culminated in the burning of the effigy of Judas. There were also many family parties and the aroma of spit roasted lamb wafted on the air until late in the evening with the strains of distant dance music. Donna Summer seems to have enjoyed a revival somewhere in the Pedi valley!

Symi has suddenly become much quieter again as the weekend visitors have returned to work and those early tourists who came to experience Greek Easter are packing their bags and heading homewards.

The long range forecast shows warm and sunny conditions for the next few days as the high pressure system continues to hover over our corner of the Mediterranean.

Have a good week.


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