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The rest of the country has been coping with gales, snow, sleet and rain since Saturday. Here on Symi conditions have been calm so far and the last two days have been clear with sharp sunshine and chilly breezes. This idyll is unlikely to continue for much longer as the clouds are gathering and heavy rain is forecast for tonight.

Those who are not sneezing with pollen induced hay-fever from the myriad white and yellow daisies are enjoying the sweet scent of abundant cyclamens and alexanders. It has been a topsy-turvy winter weather wise and we are now having an exuberant if premature spring.

There is a hawker doing the rounds of the islands at the moment, selling carpets and onions, an interesting mix.

Down in the harbour workmen have been busy along the edge of the quay on the road out of town, putting up equidistant green poles with little red reflectors on top, evidently to mark the water’s edge. As the big lorries that negotiate the harbour often swing out over the water as they manoeuvre round the bends and often have a wheel over the edge, the poles are unlikely to last long but they look quite neat at the moment. Old hands remember how long the street lights and utility boxes lasted which were erected within the arc of the ferry ramps and the new poles make for vehement conversation on the bus.

Have a good week.


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