A Large Lake

The cold north wind has chased the clouds clear off the sky over Symi and the sea is a deep chill indigo speckled with rolling white crests. The Aegli hydrofoil could not leave this morning and is still tied up alongside the bus stop. The Proteus should be passing through on her northbound run but anyone wishing to leave Symi for Rhodes will have to wait until the all clear is given, probably the Proteus’ southbound run tomorrow.

Saturday is the festival of the Epiphany. Usually the orange-trimmed cypress booths are under construction at the clock tower and opposite Pachos by now but with this wind blowing there isn’t much happening. The only people to be seen are huddled on the quay, stamping their feet and hugging their hands, waiting for the Proteus to come in.

The 40 mm of rain in the course of Wednesday has perked up the plant life. It has also turned the Big Hole in Chorio into a large lake. It would seem that no one noticed, when doing the excavations, that two lanes and a storm water drain all ran into it. Maybe we will be getting that reservoir after all!

Have a warm weekend.


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