A Pleasant Time of the Year

As you can see from the photograph the harbour is very quiet. Note the vivid red of the Virginia creeper over Pat’s bar and all the closed shutters along the front. Apart from a few locals drinking coffee at Elpida’s there is not much going on.

The calm clear weather continues and everyone is making the most of it. The locals are in agricultural mode at the moment and the hills hum to the burble of rotavators. According to local lore this is the last week to plant grazing grasses as after that it becomes too cold and dark and the seeds don’t germinate properly. We’ve been planting broad beans and early potatoes, and lots of spring onions and different kinds of greens. Days spent out in the fields, evenings spent by the wood fire – it is a very pleasant time of the year.

There are a few clouds on the horizon with a faint chance of rain early next week, the first in some weeks. Fortunately the exceptionally heavy dewfall has kept everything growing steadily and the olives are plumping up very well.

Have a peaceful weekend.


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