A Miraculous Day

After the gales and downpours of recent weeks the miracle of this year’s Panormitis Festival was that the weather was absolutely perfect. There were no transport problems and everyone was able to enjoy themselves without worrying about how to get home. I went across in the early afternoon with a friend and the monastery grounds were still buzzing with people. Stalls selling everything from lurid lingerie and lavender lipstick to camo pants and caged canaries jostling with icon and candle sellers, all under a thick pall of smoke from souvlaki braziers and doughnut friers. Gossiping visitors from other islands gathered at trestle tables strewn with the remains of retsina-fuelled lunches. To give regulars an idea of just how important this is as a local holiday, even Taxas supermarket was closed yesterday! With so many Symiots named either Michael, Panormitis or Gabriel it is a major name day celebration. The next ‘big one’ is, of course, 6 December, when all the island’s Nicholases celebrate theirs.

The visibility was astonishing and it was possible to see Kos quite clearly. Here is a picture of the harbour, taken from way up. It was a bit hair-raising stopping to take photographs as the traffic was heavy and not all drivers were as prudent – or as sober – as one might wish!

Have a good weekend.


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