Spectacular skies and amazing light

This has been a week for spectacular skies and amazing light so I have decided to give you more pictures than usual today. I took these photos on the walk to work this morning and early in the week. The sun only clears the hills embracing Pedi quite late in the morning now and there is very little traffic on the road. Yesterday’s torrential rain has sluiced down the island, leaving trails of sand and drifts of vegetation and the snails are out on the Kali Strata.

The Triton has gone out for the first time this week but things are definitely winding down. Although the sea is still warm enough for swimming, most visitors at this time of the year are more interested in walking, shopping and other land-based activities.

While the number of tourists on the island may be steadily diminishing, there are plenty of people around as voting is compulsory in Greece and Symiots are returning to the island for Sunday’s election. Foreign property owners who are on the voters’ roll are also very much in evidence and both candidates had a good turn out at their meetings for the non-Greek electorate. Watch out for dynamite and a noisy weekend!

Have a peaceful weekend.



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