The season for hikers

It’s a clear breezy day on Symi. The light northerly wind has cleared away the humidity from last week’s rain and the horizon is defined by purple mountains, punctuated by the crisp white triangles of passing yachts. It is the season for hikers and mountain bikers and walking down to work this morning I passed many of these. It was no surprise to find the mini cruise ship Callisto moored below the office, a fleet of mountain bikes on the top deck, kayaks lashed to the railings and earnest looking types in stout boots rallying on the quayside.

The eruption of vegetation triggered by the early rain continues and there are small shoots popping up everywhere. It will be interesting to see what botanical surprises lie in store as this particular combination of heavy rain, high humidity and warm temperatures is quite unusual for Symi at this time of the year.

Down in the harbour the first truck load of blankets and duvets has just rolled off the ferry and is heading up the hill. The hawkers adjust their wares to seasonal demands as adroitly as the tourist shops. The bikinis and sarongs are being replaced with jumpers and shawls on the stands as shopkeepers take into account those who may not have realised that evenings can be quite chilly here at this time of the year. It is easy to spot the people who ride motor bikes and scooters – they are already wearing more clothes than those of us who get around on foot.

The long term forecast is a bit unsettled and it looks as though there may be some more rain coming at the weekend. It doesn’t seem to be as extensive a front as the last one though.

Have a good week.


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