Cooler and quieter

Friday’s wind certainly affected a lot of people. The fire on the Datca peninsula was only finally extinguished on Saturday morning. The day trippers on the Symi ferry only got back to Rhodes late on Friday night. The World Peace Day Swim will now take place next year…

It has, however, brought a clarity to the air that has been absent for some time. Land and sea have outlines once again and at night the lights on the opposite coast are clearly visible. Evenings are cooler and quieter with fewer people about. Up in Chorio we notice less ambient noise – that August ‘buzz’ of distant music and voices has faded away and there is less traffic on the road above us. Just the sound of the neighbour’s sheep munching my bougainvillea through the fence!

The hawkers are back, selling clay pots, garden furniture and baby poultry. It is unusual for the poultry sellers to be doing the rounds at this time of the year as they normally come in the spring but the bird flu panic has thrown everything out of kilter.

Have a peaceful week.


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