The secrets of perpetual motion

This is the busiest week of the year in Greece and Symi is no exception. Cleaners have discovered the secrets of perpetual motion and taxi-drivers are the most sought-after people on the island. Everyone is working flat out to help visitors enjoy their time on Symi and there is little opportunity to say more than a passing ‘hi’ to friends and colleagues. We’ll all start to catch up with each other again in September when calm returns to the island. (And my diary entries will start to get longer again!)

Celebrities spotted in passing this weekend included tycoon Sokrates Kokalis whose yacht was moored outside Mythos restaurant, and popular Greek singer Notis Sfakianakis who is staying at a local hotel.

The accompanying photograph gives an idea of what the anchorage off Harani looks like most mornings when I come down to work. By midday they’ve all departed for the next pretty anchorage and by late afternoon the new arrivals are jockeying for the prime spots.

Have a good week.


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